The prize

Please cure Albena and win 10,000 Euro.

Terms and conditions for paying a prize of 10,000 (ten thousand) Euro to a doctor or a medical team who has achieved complete remission for Albena Borisova-Petkova.

  1. Definition of "complete remission" - complete remission means that the results of all imaging, blood and manual studies show that all signs of the cancer have disappeared. Some doctors also refer to complete remission as "no evidence of disease".
  2. The Prize may be claimed by any person with or without a medical specialty and a national of any country in the world, but only after the submission of medical evidence (documents and test results) proving the achievement of a complete remission.
  3. The prize of 10,000 (ten thousand) Euros is determined and paid only by an attorney at law who examines all medical evidence (documents and test results) prior to the payment of the prize.
  4. The medical documents proving the achievement of remission shall be provided in electronic or paper form.
  5. The prize shall be paid in cash or by a bank transfer within 72 hours after the examination of the medical records proving the achievement of a complete remission.

Please, if you have knowledge, skills, medications or prescriptions that can lead to Albena’s complete remission contact the listed phone or e-mail.

Thank you.